ENCORE: 10 Facebook Pages You Should ‘Like’ Right Now if You Live in West Des Moines

These pages keep you in the know, challenge your thinking and expand your reach.

Why it’s awesome: The West Des Moines startup’s page is full of tips to make you financially savvy, but is also darned fun. For example, Thursday’s post asked: “Today in 1961, JFK issued the executive order for what American volunteer program? “ The 15th and 16th emails with the correct answer to Contests@SmartyPig.com won a prize.

What's the coolest thing you learned on Facebook this week? Tell us in comments.

One Social Media
Why it’s awesome: Social media best practices change at warp speed. The folks at this West Des Moines startup, sheltered in the West Des Moines business incubator, tell you what you need to know before you know you need to know.

Historic Valley Junction
Why it’s awesome: Valley Junction, the original West Des Moines, is teeming with charm, charm, charm. This page reflects it and keeps you current on what’s going on.

West Des Moines Community Schools
Why it’s awesome: Got kids? This page tells you not only what you need to know about the school district, but also celebrates the many great things — which number far more than than the not-so-great things — that kids are doing.

West Des Moines Parks and Recreation
Why it’s awesome: Whether you want a pre-season discount on pool passes, information on the March Madness trip to St. Louis or other programs, this Facebook page offers one-stop-shopping with links to registration.

Animal Rescue League of Iowa
Why it’s awesome: Because it’s awesome to rescue cats, dogs and other companion animals from the streets and give them a new life, and to support efforts to end animal league. In addition to its main location in Des Moines, ARL West operates at 1500 22nd St., inside Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes.

Center on Sustainable Communities
Why it’s awesome: As the recognized leader in providing education and connecting resources, Center on Sustainable Communities empowers individuals and communities to make everyday decisions that promote sustainability, resulting in higher standards of living.

Republican Party of Iowa
Why it’s awesome: It’s awesome because Iowa’s role in winnowing presidential candidates is awesome. The Iowa party — the caucuses — is over, but the nation’s party is still heating up. Keep up to date on election matters.

Iowa Democratic Party
Why it’s awesome: (see above, swing it left)

And, of course:

West Des Moines Patch
Why it’s awesome: We’re biased. You tell us what you’d like to see more of on West Des Moines Patch.

Jim Miller March 03, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Thanks for including Historic Valley Junction! We're proud to be a key part of this community. Our 'Valley Junction' page is maxed out @ 5,000 friends, but we post to both pages.
Chewi Lockhart March 03, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Ummmm....facebook.com/valairballroom We are the busiest venue of our size in the entire State of Iowa, we have over 6300 FB fans and climbing, and our FB fans get the most up-to-date concert info and special promos! Republican/Democratic Parties?! When was the last time either of them promised a good time and followed thru with it?
Beth Dalbey March 05, 2012 at 02:33 PM
You're right, Chewi. Val Air does deliver on its promises. Make that 11 pages and counting. What other Facebook pages should West Des Moines folks 'like' right now?


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