Goldilocks, Have You Moved to West Des Moines?

Roommates wonder who’s been sleeping in their beds – and tossing their porridge bowls about.

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” got an update of sorts last weekend when tenants at a West Des Moines apartment complex reported that someone had been sleeping in their beds while they were gone and also tossed around their belongings, causing about $900 damage.

Police Officer Tom Wynn said in a report on file at the that the incident played out in two acts.

Authorities were called to apartments on 42nd Plaza on March 30 and made contact with an intoxicated man who said he stayed at the apartment on weekends, when the tenants were gone. He had a key to the door, but not to the deadbolt, so he had forced the door open, according to Wynn’s report.

Inside the apartment, a glass table was broken, a flat-screen television was lying on the floor, wooden chairs were damaged, the balcony screen door had been broken out and the frame was bent. A hole had been punched in the wall and items had been strewn across the floor.

Nothing was missing from the apartment.

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